Learn more about who is behind Frippery Vintage!

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This is me, Jennifer Boyd and my reality! Try to take some product shots and

I get photo bombed by a strangely dressed 9 year old boy, my son.


Frippery Vintage started as a website in 2013 and then a brick & mortar

location opened at the end of 2013 and both are going strong and keeping

me very busy.


I have a bachelors degree in art history from Temple University and a post-

graduate degree from Sotheby’s Institute in London. I worked my way around

the globe with various auction house jobs in London, Rome, Philadelphia

and Houston landing in Austin in 1997 where I opened my first shop specializing

in 19th century furniture. I closed that location when I had my son and enjoyed

being a stay at home mom for 7 years before starting Frippery Vintage in our

guest room.


The question I get asked everyday is where do I find the jewelry, well that is the

challenge. The answer is anywhere and everywhere; flea markets, estate sales

and auctions. I take two major buying trips a year, last year was Rome and London,

as well as smaller trips every 2-3 months. I don’t buy large lots of jewelry or have

“pickers” each piece of jewelry has been hand picked by me because of it’s quality

and beauty, this ensures the uniqueness of each piece. The entire Frippery Vintage

collection has been thoughtfully curated with an eye towards what is being shown

on the runways today


Take some time and browse through the website there are some amazing,

truly unique pieces that I have found throughout my travels. There are

also some fun vintage photos of my family which you can check out here.


Please feel free to contact me either through the website or in person

at my boutique here in Huntsville, TX