A Sunday tradition in the Eternal City.


The first Frippery Vintage European buying trip is coming up in a matter of weeks. We are getting very excited around here in anticipation of the treasures we will find! One of the best traditions in Rome is the Sunday flea market and we plan to take full advantage of this.




The largest and most famous is the Porta Portese market which happens every Sunday. As a college student in Rome in the 80’s this was a particular favorite hangout. The vintage clothing stalls were our regular haunts. Today it is still a great place but there are a lot of new and made in China stalls so it can be daunting but well worth an afternoon.



On this trip we plan to seek out some of the smaller less known markets around the city. Borghetto Flaminio, Piazza Mazzini, Via Sannio are all locations of smaller markets that we plan to visit.



Our adventure starts February 11 and we return to the states February 26. During this time customers can still shop online but items will not we mailed until February 27. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to track our journey and get a sneak peek at what we are bringing home!